Osmosis offers complete multi-touch solutions. Serving a wide range of markets, we design multi-touch applications to specific requirements and integrate this software with custom hardware form-factors including tables, walls, mobile kiosks and large-scale projection installations.

We work closely with our partners to employ the latest multi-touch sensing technology and cutting-edge proprietary methods. Our systems support an unlimited number of simultaneous touch points as well as the use of surface objects. Contact us for detailed specifications.


Rear Projection

Multi-Touch Everywhere

State of the Art



Custom laser modules, IR lighting and specialized acrylics are integrated into a robust infrared system.

Industrial-quality cameras, lenses and filters drive a precise and sensitive vision engine.

Compact, removable casings house the latest processor and graphics capabilities.
Modular construction allows us to produce a wide range of form-factors and dimensions.

Enclosure paneling is available in a large selection of materials, textures and colors including aluminum, steel, acrylic and wood.

Sensory Overload


Any Environment

Touch surfaces are haptic and durable with an extremely wide viewing angle and no glare.

Displays are high-definition and bright (Full HD projection and LCD systems).

Surround and domed sound complete an immersive audio-visual experience.
Aluminum extrusion framing provides a ruggedness that is ready for demanding usage.

Thermal-switched cooling regulates enclosure temperature, protecting components over long usage periods.

Systems are completely self-contained, requiring only a single power cord drawing less than 500 watts.