About Us

Osmosis delivers complete multi-touch systems of integrated hardware and software. We develop multi-touch applications for a wide range of markets and run this software on custom hardware form-factors including tables, walls, mobile kiosks and large-scale projection systems.

Our goal is to create computer interfaces that are more responsive to people's needs and actions. Multi-touch systems provide a natural way to manipulate content and enable multiple users to interact with applications and each other simultaneously.

Our Team

Osmosis is built on deep experience in system strategy, design and technology. As a global team, we have a long and successful track record delivering solutions across industries and cultures.

Complementing our core expertise is a network of collaborators from the interactive community. Trailblazing hardware and software partners provide us with additional support. Ongoing R&D with these partners ensures that we continuously advance our solutions. We participate in open source development and actively share with the NUI Group.

Osmosis was founded by Stuart McLean. From management consultant to IT director, Stuart has fifteen years experience designing information systems for Accenture, Pfizer and other leading organizations. He holds an MBA in MIS and a bachelors in marketing.